Thursday, September 24, 2009


We thought you might like to meet the members of RSCF's BLOGSQUAD. All are animal care specialists with RSCF.

Lead Keeper, Rosemarie Willms. "Hello. Rosie, here. I started at RSCF in the spring of 2007 and immediately loved it. I've learned a great deal working here; from identifying and treating avian diseases and parasites to caring for and managing psittacines, ungulates, primates and everything in between. I have even learned a thing or two about ATV repairs, setting pipelines, and exhibit design and construction. Our responsibilities here include riding an ATV through the swamp to feed 1,000 lb. bongo antelope, fighting off mosquitos to feed in the aviary, observing all the animals and their diet/behaviors, cleaning dishes, chopping fruit, and doing whatever odds and ends on the property need to be done that day. I also keep track of ordering insects (for our primates), feed/supplies, and anything else we might need. Before working here I attended Dreyfoos School of the Arts in West Palm Beach and not only with this job am I lucky to indulge my passion for nature, I also get to flex my artistic muscle by participating in RSCF's annual art show "Wild Things"."

Keeper I, Hollie Chiles. "Hello! I Graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science. Followed by an Associates of Science degree in Zoo Animal Technology. I aspire to continue obtaining knowledge on various animals and have a specific interest in large cats. Outside of work I enjoy dancing, outdoor activities and dream of traveling the world. "

Keeper I, David Reyes. "Hi! I was born and raised in Queens, New York, and recently graduated from Santa Fe Teaching Zoo in Gainesville with an Associates Degree in Zoo Animal Technology. The animals I am most interested in are reptiles, especially monitor lizards and large birds such as birds of prey. I'm fascinated with wildlife, and would love to work with all types of animals. Some of my hobbies are reading (science fiction), being outdoors, playing basketball and football, and I enjoy video games. "

Keeper I, Patrick Morin. "Greetings! Currently I am a student at Palm Beach Atlantic University. Before starting with RSCF, I participated in an internship with the Department of Environmental Protection. I learned a lot about environmental policy and law enforcement, studied mangrove growth patterns, and marine ecosystems.

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