Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Activities...Bongo on the Move

This past Saturday, November 12, we moved 2.1 bongo (two males, one female) to a partner facility in Martin County.  The photos here document the move and all the excitement that goes with this sort of event.  It takes a great team (thanks to Dr. Mark Davis, his tech Kelly, HC Ranch team, and RSCF staff members), coordination, and LOTS of muscle! 

RSCF bongo are kept in large, open acre pens (5 acres or more).  RSCF director, Dr. Paul Reillo, and Dr. Mark Davis ride out on an ATV to dart the animals with a tranquilizer.  Then, another team goes in on an ATV with a trailor to transport the animals out of the pens and to the transport truck.  There, Dr. Davis takes blood samples, vaccinates and ear tags each bongo, while still asleep on the trailer.  Finally, a reversal drug is administered and the bongo wakes up. 

Thanks to all for the great teamwork.  Our bongo are now at their new home, and will be the nexus for a new breeding group.  We plan to send several more to the facility and will keep you posted with more photos and video.  For more information about RSCF's bongo programs, be sure to visit our website!