Friday, December 18, 2009

The Perfect Gift!!

Seasons Greetings,

Are you looking for that last, perfect Holiday gift for someone special? Consider giving a truly meaningful gift--a donation in a loved one's name to the Rare Species Conservatory Foundation. Simply visit us online and click the "Donate Now" button. Your gift will help support crucial wildlife conservation programs. You can specify a program or species to support--just e-mail a note with the person's name and address to the donation form, along with any specifics you'd like. Support bongo for Billy or parrots for Pam! We will send a written acknowlegement to the person named in the donation, along with an image of a Bongo Antelope, Amazon Parrot, Pygmy Marmoset, or Golden-lion Tamarin (you choose). Simply include your choice in your email to This is a gift you will love to give, and love to recieve! Thanks in advance for your much-needed support.

P.S. Please pass this on to your friends and family!

Happy Holidays,

Rare Species Conservatory Foundation