Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mico's Big Day!

Mico the Mighty Marmoset celebrated his sixth birthday on April 1. Thanks to all that posted birthday wishes on his Facebook page! If you haven't discovered Micos page on FB, please do so! Just put Mico Mighty Marmoset in the search box, or click here. When you find his page, be sure to "Like" him!

So, for Micos big day, we celebrated with a blueberry mealworm mini-muffin cake (everyone's favorite, right?) topped with strawberry yogurt frosting. We wanted to share the day with you, so we put together this slideshow of images. As you can see, Mico really loves cake. I mean, REALLY.

No, we didn't let him eat the entire thing--but believe me, he would have!