Thursday, September 24, 2009

Quote of the Month

The written word can be a powerful source of inspiration. With that in mind, we'll be printing an environmental "quote of the month". These passages are meant to inspire, challange, and enlighten. If you would like to submit a quote, please e-mail us.

October's quote comes from Dale Jamieson and was published in "Ethics on the Ark".

"One hope that I have for the future is athat we will recognize that if we keep animals in captivity, then what we owe them is everything. Whatever else we may believe about the morality of zoos, I hope we can come to the consensus that these animals are in our custody through no wish or fault of their own. They are refugees from a holocaust that humans have unleashed against nature. If we keep animals in captivity, then we must conform to the highest standards of treatment and respect...for the animals themselves have no voice in human affairs, and as nature recedes their voices are ever more silent."

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