Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spring Cleaning!!

Yesterday, we cleaned out one of our 50 foot cages. It was unfortunately covered in weeds. It's important to clear them out to make sure there aren't any potential threats growing or hiding in the vegetation. For instance, there can be invasive plants, such as Brazilian pepper taking root inside the cage. Or there can be snakes, hornets or other pesky critters, that aren't welcomed. Here is a little slide show of some before and after pictures. Hauling out two large trash bags filled with weeds. And an unfortunate hornet stinging incident with one of our keepers. After all the work and slight injuries the cage was restored to it's cleaned out self, so it could be kept at a level where the pots could be monitored for not housing anymore unwelcomed friends. Unfortunately a lot of the plants/trees in the cage look like twigs, but that is because the birds love to land on them and rip them apart. They are the birds' natural play toys.

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