Thursday, July 22, 2010

Baby Bongo!!

On Friday, July 9, 2010, we welcomed a new addition to our bongo family. Although, she wasn't discovered until Sunday. This is due to the fact that usually the mother will hide the baby when it's first born. It gives the baby time to acclimate itself and get its foot barrings. We believe our new little baby is a girl! Off first look usually the head gives away the sex. Males have larger heads. So far the baby has been doing very well these past two weeks. She's been hanging out with one of our big male bulls. Clearly she feels safe laying around with him. Below we have a few small video clips. It's a little difficult to see her. She definitely stays away from us, so it's hard to get a really close up visual on her. She's strong and running around. So far this year we have a total of five new baby bongo! One of the videos includes the other older babies, laying around with a couple of adults. You can tell the difference by the fact that they don't have horns yet and if they do they're very little.

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