Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Photo Op!

Thought you might enjoy some new photos from around the Farm. Spring is here, and all the critters are very happy to welcome the warmer weather. This past winter was the longest and coldest in many years. We are so glad to see longer, warmer days! We've been busy, planting trees and sprucing up the property. The aviary is especially active right now, with the Red-browed Amazon parrots beginning their breeding season. We check nest-boxes for eggs every morning--tricky business, because not only might there be eggs in the box, but also a very angry parrot! We then artificially incubate the eggs, and in 26 to 28 short days a chick hatches! We'll keep you posted....

We also have a new addition to our bongo herd. Last month a new baby was born with a very unusual stripe pattern near his rear. This squiggly line has earned him the name "Doodle". He's a very fiesty young bull and already running with the big boys.

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