Wednesday, May 27, 2009

And Now for Something COMPLETELY Different...

We've been blogging a lot about babies recently. Baby parrots, baby marmosets, all the cute stuff. WELL, we discovered some not-so-cute babies recently. The lovely creature you see here is a native Florida bark scorpion. She measures about 2.5 inches in length and was found on our neighbor's property carrying 20 or so babies on her back. YES, I SAID 20 OR SO BABIES ON HER BACK! Pretty cool once you get over the EEEWWWWW factor. We released her, with her brood, into one of the fields on our 30-acre center. Scorpions are actually helpful, eating other, more destructive insects like termites--a real scorpion favorite snack. And, they glow under black light--how cool is that?? Yes, they do deliver one heck of a painful sting, but nothing deadly to humans...I SWEAR!

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